Date: 11th May 2019
Time: 11:30
Activity Length: 120 mins
Activity Run By: Janine Lewis
Location: Calcot Linear Park (RG31 7AW)
Type: Nordic Walking, Fast Track


Our special One day Learn to Nordic Walk program is designed to ensure you understand and can apply the foundation skills of Nordic walking. It is perfect for you if you can walk briskly for a couple of hours. We do have a few mini breaks to allow the mind, body and soles to catch up with this exhilerating new activity.  

This special Fast Track session has been devised so that you can learn to Nordic walk in 2 hours instead of 4 weeks. Nordic Walking is a fantastic way to cross train for running, skiing, golf, tennis and other sports.

If you are active and confident that you can walk briskly during a non stop 2 hour technique tuition session – this is the one for you. 

It is essential that you book online in advance. Decent footwear with grippy soles  is suggested as well as dressing appropriately for the weather, using layers of clothing. We provide the poles.

We will ensure you learn the technique and feel confident to Nordic Walk. This special class covers the following:

Phase one - You will learn the fundamentals of the Nordic Walking technique. Gaining forward propulsion from the poles by engaging the correct upper body muscles, understanding correct gait and co-ordination.

Phase two –  Mastering handgrip and use of the pole straps in order to develop technique by adapting the body position and pole angles for walking up and down hills.

Phase three – Adding more speed through improved technique, understanding how your body reacts to exercise and learning how to stay within your comfort zone.

Phase four –  Improving posture and understanding how to use technique, distance, speed and terrain to constantly ensure you get the most out of your Nordic walking!

Don't forget to tag us in your Facebook photos; we are @3jfitnessnordicwalking

You will receive your Freedom Passport at the end of this course. This allows you to register for free membership with Nordic Walking UK and 10% savings on the online store and our other partner companies. You will be able to join in with our regular sessions. You are also able to book in with our Nordic walking partners instructors and enjoy walks around the UK

Continue with 3JFitness to get fitter and sleeker and maybe even sign up for additional Workout Classes. Explore Berkshire with the Adventure Walks, and enjoy the social walks that continue to give you that wellbeing buzz. The program and walk types are continually being changed and added.

Our members have shared their benefits -
*Getting Fitter
*Getting more toned
*Losing weight
*Getting in to smaller clothes
*Sleeping better
*Improving back and postural issues
*Loving the new friends and social element of outdoor fun
*The online booking system makes it easy to plan, prepare and commit to health and fitness goals
*Totally addictive fun with variety and giggles

It is essential that you meet the fitness criteria so please check with Janine first - 07792 550191

Booking online in advance is essential. This is to keep you safe and minimise the risks for these exciting walks.

You are asked to contact your Instructor phone by phone, leaving a voicemail or sending an sms text to the number below, if you are likely to be delayed as we do start classes promptly.

Whilst we do understand that sometimes it is not possible to make a class, please be aware that we do operate a no refund policy if you give us less than 2 hours’ notice.  

We respect people's busy agendas and do like to start promptly. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your class and be ready to start on time. Please do not be offended if we do not wait whilst you get yourself sorted. We do a warm up close by so please do catch up.

Please email or phone 07792 550191 if you have any questions. 

Instructor contact details (only contact them to notify if late or cancelling)

Janine  07792 550191

Maria  07749 997945?

Carla 07741 077736?


This activity is run by: Janine Lewis

3J Fitness is about encouraging you to take the positive steps to enriching and energising your mind, body and soul through a structured walking and fitness program outdoors. Exercise your happiness and get Nordic Walking today!

Activity Location: Calcot Linear Park (RG31 7AW)
Address: 44 Sweet Briar Dr, Calcot, Reading RG31 7AD, UK
Location Notes: use carpark of Beansheaf Community Centre, Charrington Road, Calcot, RG31 7AW

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