Date: 5th May 2019
Time: 10:00
Activity Length: 120 mins
Activity Run By: Samantha Armstrong
Location: Minninglow
Type: Nordic Walking, Well Being Walks (No Discount)

This is a gentle walk in one of the White Peak's most beautiful and interesting valleys.

Minninglow is surrounded by a magical ring of beech trees, the hilltop is littered with strange slabs of pale limestone; they could be teeth extracted from some stone giant. Take a closer look and you will see that they are not like the random blocks we passed on our way up here, but deliberate human constructions. These are Neolithic tombs, dating from around 3,000 BC. They developed in a growing complex, which eventually became one big circular mound during the Bronze Age (1,200 to 700 BC).

The hilltops or ‘lows’ of the White Peak were sacred places to its prehistoric inhabitants. After much looting and destruction this is a desecrated scene today, but many of the tombs retain their distinctive form.

Take a peek under the slabs. According to the OS map, almost every major height in the area is crowned with such a ‘tumulus’. This place would have seemed much less bleak in the Bronze Age than it appears today; the climate was a good deal warmer and the higher places were the first to be cleared of impenetrable ancient woodland.

The valley of Roystone Grange has long been an industrial and agricultural home to its residents from present day to the Roman and medieval times, evidence of which has been unearthed and researched over the past decade by archaeology students from Sheffield University and local volunteers. The trail was created to allow walkers to follow an easy route passing all the major sites and findings discovered by the research and any excavations.

The walk is made easy (please see below info re stiles) by following the level route of the former Cromford and High Peak Railway now restored as the excellent High Peak Trail. 

Miles:  4 miles

Gradients:  lowest 884ft Highest 1107ft Total ascent 388ft

Stiles: 2 wall step stiles (not suitable if you have knee joint issues), 1 squeeze stile, 2 stile gates.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions at the time.

Please bring a picnic for the end of the walk, there is a great picnic area. 

LATE CANCELLATION POLICY: Coreconcept Mid Derbyshire Nordic Walking has a late cancellation policy whereby full price will be paid for any walks cancelled within 12 hours of the start of the walk. Any refund will be at the discretion of Sherwood Nordic Walking and will be dependent on the cancelling client making contact with us before cancelling. 

Tracy Hall 



This activity is run by: Samantha Armstrong

Coreconcept offers Nordic Walking in the Derbyshire Dales and Peak District. With 10 years experience and a team of qualified Instructors and Leaders we offer many walks each week of varying levels. Come and join us, get fitter, be outdoors, enjoy the benefits that hundreds of people have discovered already. Once you have tried it you'll want to stay with Nordic Walking as a form of exercise as it's cost effective, varied and fun. We run well-being, active, adventure walks as well as weekend trips in the UK and Europe.

Activity Location: Minninglow
Address: Mouldridge Ln, Matlock DE4 2PN, UK
Location Notes: Free parking as to date. If the car park gets full there is adequate road parking.

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