Date: 30th April 2021
Time: 09:30
Activity Length: 135 mins
Activity Run By: WALX Derwent and Dales
Activity Lead By: Jacky Brown
Location: Homebase,Waterside Park Ashbourne DE6 1DG
Type: Nordic Walking, Explorer WALX (no discount)

Ashbourne, the Gateway to Dove Dale, is one of the most historical towns of the area. Not only is it famed for its Shrovetide football match, but Church Street is the finest 18th Century street in Derbyshire. You start the walk at the less glamorous retail park but chosen due to its free parking and soon head out through farmland towards the village of Clifton along the Henmore Brook. Today you will be visiting the goal of Clifton Mill and then heading to the pretty Church Mayfield where Yarns have been made for many centuries in the old factory. Looping back along the river Dove to Hanging Bridge and crossing over the road back to the peace of the river where you will get views across the valley towards Mapleton and beyond. Returning to Ashbourne via an old tunnel which used to be part of the old railway track transporting goods and passengers. The original Ashbourne station can be seen as you exit this tunnel.

A brief synopsis about Shrovetide: Really a free for all between "The Up'ards and Down'ards". The town of Ashbourne is split in half by the Henmore Brook, and depending on where you were born decides which team you are in. "The Up'ards" are born to the north of the river, and "The Down'ards" to the south. The goals are the site of Sturton Mill and Clifton Mill, three miles apart. It is rare for more than one goal to be scored! The ball is launched in the air from a special platform, with plaques,at the entrance to Shaw Croft car park. NO. 13 STURSTON ROAD - Birthplace of Catherine Mumford, who later married William Booth. They established the Salvation Army in 1878. A bust to Catherine Booth is in the Memorial Gardens, which you walk through at the end of the walk. COMPTON - The original town of Ashbourne was always to the north of the Henmore Brook. Compton on the south side was a separate village with its own market, as can be seen by the wide street. It was not until 1873 that Compton came under the jurisdiction of Ashbourne.

Distance:  5 miles    

Parking:  Waterside Retail Park, far corner close to Homebase.

WHAT3WORDS APP can direct you straight to the location. 

Click on this link  Or copy this  ///task.character.bagels  The three-word address refers to an exact 3m x 3m location.        

Terrain: This is an easy low-level walk, some stiles need to be negotiated. Farmland where cattle may be out.

Toilets: Marks and Spencer

Gradients: Lowest 348ft Highest 498ft Total ascent 288ft      

LATE CANCELLATION POLICY: WALX Derwent and Dales has a late cancellation policy whereby full price will be paid for any walks cancelled within 2 hours of the start of the walk. Any refund will be at the discretion of WALX Derwent and Dales and will be dependent on the cancelling client contacting us before cancelling.      

Jacky Brown 

07929 099507

This activity is lead by: Jacky Brown on behalf of WALX Derwent and Dales
Jacky Brown

Jacky has been a WALX Guide for WALX Derwent and Dales since 2009.

Nordic walking is a great pass time, and an excellent form of exercise, in the fresh air, with beautiful scenery and the best company.  So although her walking started off as helping a friend to get over a stroke it turned out to be the best stroke of luck for her.

Jacky is a dedicated member of the team and always around to support us when needed.

Activity Location: Homebase,Waterside Park Ashbourne DE6 1DG
Address: Ashbourne DE6 1DG, United Kingdom
Location Notes: Park at the far corner of the car park near to Homebase.

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