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Lynne Martin

Nordic Walking Personal Trainer

Get involved in 'Green Exercise' and feel how good it is to mind and body.

My name is Lynne Martin and I am a Nordic Walking Instructor located on the beautiful South coast and Purbeck Area. I have enjoyed long distance walking for years and then I was introduced to Nordic Walking.

Nordic walking is a fantastic outdoor activity that gives such uplift and offers so many benefits to all.

The feedback from the people that have participated in a Taster are immediately positive, they feel their body gaining posture, their feet feel lighter as the upper body is now involved, and other fantastic benefits, while enjoying the stunning scenery that we live around.

I offer Tasters, Learn To Classes and Nordic Walks in the Purbeck area and in the Christchurch/ Bournemouth area. If you would like a more personal class I do offer one to one. Or on holiday and would like to do a Taster and a walk, we can do a 45 minute Basic Technique along with an 1 - 1.5 hour walk.

The Learn To Techique Courses run for 4 sessions and the beauty of the course is that all these sessions will be conducted in a different venue and adds to the benefits that Nordic walking can bring.

Nordic walking is brilliant and once you have tried it you will never want to walk without your poles!!!  All you really need is walking shoes and an appreciation of the outdoors.

Call for further information on how you can benefit from Nordic Walking.

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